35 Nezuko-Themed Nail Art Ideas

Are you a fan of nail art? If you are, you’ve probably heard about Nezuko Nails. As a nail art enthusiast, I came across something intriguingly called ‘Nezuko Nails’ that immediately grabbed my attention. I was excited to find out that Nezuko is a lively character from ‘Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.’ Despite being a demon, her stylish pink nails stood out to me. Nezuko’s pink coffin-shaped nails have become a popular trend in nail art.

You might be wondering, “Can I achieve Nezuko’s bold style with my nails?” Let me assure you, I’ve recently fallen in love with this trend and scoured social media to find the most captivating Nezuko-inspired nail designs. Join me on this exciting nail art journey as I take you through my favorite Nezuko nail art inspirations and ideas right here on this blog.

Here’s how I selected these styles:

When selecting these looks, whether for Nezuko cosplay or nail art, consider a few important factors:

  • You have two options for getting Nezuko-style nails: professional nail services or using press-on nails. If you opt for professional help, bring along some nail ideas to show the expert. It’s also a good idea to ask for recommendations or read reviews on various websites to find a skilled nail technician.
  • To achieve the perfect stiletto nails that Nezuko sports, use her pictures and videos as inspiration for both the length and shape of your nails.
  • For an accurate Nezuko cosplay, paint your nails a pale pink matte shade or experiment with anime-inspired designs.
  • For an authentic cosplay of Nezuko, it’s crucial to have high-quality nails.
  • When choosing a Nezuko-inspired nail design to match her fierce demon-slayer look, consider factors like quality, length, color, and your budget.

Now, let’s dive into my favorite Nezuko nail ideas. Are you in search of the perfect Nezuko-inspired nail design? Take a look at my top choices below!

1. Red Fire Nezuko:

Source from Instagram: ceirrasnails

Try these unique nails with Nezuko’s face on the central finger and artwork inspired by the show on the rest. The shiny finish adds refinement. A genuine tribute to the show’s imaginative spirit.

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2. Coffin Nail Art

Source: Instagram: nails and towel

These nails have a similar blood-red color to Nezuko’s nails and a coffin shape. They are quite pretty compared to pink nails. Each nail is unique, with some having a matte red finish, others showcasing a geometric design, and one featuring a floral accent.

3. Nezuko nails short

Source from Pinterest

These nails assert the ideal length, presenting an almond shape. Their color ombres range from a delicate, neutral base at the bottom to a hypnotic burst of light shades at the tips and floral art in the center. They sparkle with a pleasant gloss. Even for those not proficient in the anime/manga world, these nails are simply a magnificent, eye-catching manicure that anyone would appreciate.

4. Yellow Art Nezuko

Source from Instagram: ceirrasnails

I like the classic Nezuko nail style, which features a beautiful yellow ombre that blends smoothly between colors. Another option is a subtle combination of pale yellow and black, which resembles the iconic nail color of Nezuko from the show. This style is perfect for cosplay enthusiasts who want to express their love for Nezuko.

5. BTS Art

Source from Instagram: ceirrasnails

If you’re pinched by the charm of Nezuko nail art but want a hauntingly stylish twist, consider this appealing option. These nails show the same mild pale pink as Nezuko’s iconic anime and manga nails, but with a touch of darkness, festooned with haunting Nezuko-themed pink hearts and flame artwork in glossy black. While the pink tips may carry a somewhat warmer kind than the show, the result is irrefutably superb.

6. Natural Nezuko Art

source: lacienciadelcafe

Get chic Nezuko-inspired nails with a natural shine in shades like blush, mauve, taupe, and soft pale pink, perfect for a subtle anime or manga-inspired look.

7. Stiletto Nail Art

Source: Instagram ceirrasnails

I like the Nezuko nail variants, especially the blue one. The nails are long and pointed, and they’re called stilettos, giving them an irreplaceable look. The blue ombre on all the nails with several designs is gorgeous. Most of the designs are inspired by Nezuko’s kimono, presenting beautiful characters and floral patterns. However, some nails have a geometric floral design that I adore. The pointed lines on the nails add style to the manicure.

8. Matte Nails

Source from Instagram: nailartmatte

I love these nails because they have a matte finish instead of a glossy one, which adds a unique touch to the classic blue ombre with a matte design and yellow color. The consistent length and shape make them even better.

9. Coffin Nails

source: Instagram ceirrasnails

I would suggest going for the coffin nail shape instead of the stiletto nail if that is your preference. This look includes a beautiful Nezuko character design on one nail, with various designs on the others. Some nails also have a lovely pale nude color. Although some designs may be more stimulating than others, I still consider this look valuable. All in all, the nails look stunning.

10. Demon Slayer Design

Source from Instagram: nailsandtowels

These nails are the flawless weapon to slay demons, featuring a classic design with coffin-shaped tips inspired by Nezuko’s nails in the anime or manga. The model who got these nails for the ‘Demon Slayer’ movie is a big fan of the series.

11. Nezuko Bear Gum Nail

Source: Instagram ceirrasnails

I adore the pink hue paired with white linear patterns, especially when gummy bears are added to the mix. The pale pink nails are beautifully accented with glitter, resembling a more feminine take on Nezuko’s nail design. These medium-sized coffin nails are practical for everyday wear, which is a departure from traditional Nezuko nails.

12. Nezuko Floral Art

source from Instagram: cdanails

This is not precisely Nezuko’s nails, the floral designs on them are suggestive of Nezuko’s kimono. The mixture of flowers and formal shapes is quite attractive. The accents on the pale pink nails are a more girlish take on Nezuko’s nail style. Moreover, these nails are almond-shaped, making them more suitable for everyday wear compared to traditional Nezuko nails.

13. Anime Nail Art

Source: Instagram ceirrasnails

If you’re interested in getting anime-themed nail art, I recommend this design. One hand features nails inspired by Nezuko, with a mix of matte purple and maroon colors and checkered patterns. However, some fingers on that same hand showcase different anime-inspired artwork. All of the nails are shaped and sized to match Nezuko’s nails, giving you a touch of her manicure combined with other creative anime designs.

14. Rainbow Nezuko Art

Source of cdanails

Nezuko nails get a vibrant twist with rainbow colors on a soft pink base. The bouncy rush of colors hops like a hypnotic medley, making it a handy and prominent nail art choice.

15. Red Ombre Nezuko Nail Art

Source from Instagram: Ponanails

Stunning red ombre nails with white accents, inspired by Nezuko’s style Elongated and pointed for a fashionable touch. Perfect for paying tribute or following the trend.

16. Rose Nezuka Nail

Source from Instagram: Nailsagatam

Here’s a new form of Nezuko nail art with a rose-inspired twist instead of the usual pale pink. These nails are reminiscent of Nezuko’s iconic look with an elegant extended coffin shape. While they still have the Nezuko length, there’s a subtle changeover to a somewhat coffin shape, giving them an elegant touch.

17. Star-Patterned Nezuko Nail Art

Source: Reddit

Embrace Nezuko’s iconic star-patterned haori on your nails. Whether you prefer a single shiny nail or an entire collection, it’s an exclusive way to showcase her character. For an added twist, mix in her ombre Nezuko nails or adorn your nails to tell a story inspired by Nezuko.

18. Nail Tip Nezuko

Source from Instagram: mhd_nour_nails

Promote your style with Nezuko-inspired nails that present a light color blend instead of the classic ombre and French white. These coffin-shaped tips seamlessly embody Nezuko’s vibrant essence. While achieving a perfect French tip at home can be challenging.

19. Black theme Nezuko

Source from Instagram: nailsby_avril

Think beyond the pink and select prominent black ombre nails inspired by Nezuko’s transformation. These nails gorgeously combine the dark and light with a coffin and Stiletto shape, paying tribute to her unique journey.

20. Evil Eye Nezuko

Source from Instagram: prettynailsby_han

Nezuko-inspired nails in serene light blue, each adorned with a gripping evil eye at the center, display an impression of magic and power.

21. Hand-Painted Nail Art

Source from Instagram:prettynailsby_han

Nude pink nails with hot pink hand-painted cartoons and tips with florals are a playful tribute to Nezuko’s charm.

22. Cloudy Nezuko

Source from Instagram: cdanails

Nezuko-inspired nails feature a nude pink base decked with hand-painted heavenly clouds in green, purple, and yellow colors. Black stars and a curved moon are effecting the charming look, seizing Nezuko’s mystical essence.

23. Water Gel Art

Source from Instagram: rosebnails

Nails are decked in a chic combination of nude pink, purple, and light green, highlighting mild dot and line designs created with water gel for a creative feel.

24. Inspired Nails

Source from Instagram: kellykoutur

Raise your nail game with Nezuko-inspired artistry. These nails are coated in serene nude pink, serving as the painting and stiletto shape for adorable hand-painted Sonny Angel babies with effervescent, colorful caps. It’s a creative and charming honor for Nezuko’s world.

25. Nezuko Anime Nails

Source from Instagram: kellykoutur

Nezuko-inspired nail art structures a nude base festooned with hand-painted versions of iconic Attack on Titan characters in challenging titan form, showcasing their brutal existence in prominent black detail.

26. Milky White Demon slayer Nezuko

Source from Instagram: nailsxolily

Makeover your nails with this gorgeous nail art. A milky white top coat elegantly meets a mild pale pink base, shaped into glossy stiletto tips. Attractive, sparkly stones are precisely applied to create a fascinating and beautiful look.

27. Nezuko Kamado Nail Art

Source from Instagram: ceirrasnails

Nezuko Kamado’s nail art internments her core with a fabulous contrast. Rich green with black checks on two fingers, and peaceful light gray with pale white art on the other two.

28. Killua Character Anime Art

Source from Instagram: ceirrasnails

Nail art highlighting Killua characters is attractively painted on a white and light blue base with a coffin shape.

29. Nezuko Acrylic Art

Source: Pinterest

Nezuko’s nail art features a perfect white base decked with beautiful acrylic details, perfectly capturing her unique character.

30. Black and white tip Art

Source: Instagram ceirrasnails

Nail art that showed an attractive contrast on the tips Black rounds with elaborate white coats prettified the nude pink base, generating a prominent and eye-catching look.

31. Coffin nezuko art

Source from Instagram: nailsxolily

Nezuko nail art with black matte glitter in a V shape on a pale pink base, adorned with black stones on coffin-shaped nails

32. Pink glittery Nezuko Nails

Source from Instagram: Merlinnails

Nezuko nail art with a soft pink base, two glittery pink fingers, a marbled pink thumb, and white-tipped nails for a stylish and poised look

33. Nezuko Almond shape

source: Instagram, prettynailsby_han

Perfect-length nails with a unique claw shape and a graceful ombre, transitioning from neutral at the base to a striking white design at the tips. Their glossy finish adds a touch of attraction.

34. Nezuko Hot Pink

Source: Instagram: nailsby_avril

This nezuko nail style has perfectly lengthened almond-shaped that change from quite pale pink to sizzling hot pink at the tips. Improved with a glossy shine, they feature a cleaver, bats, and an elaborate spider net design, making them a true masterwork.

35. Multi-Colored Rainbow Nezuko Nails

Source from Instagram: rosebnails

See the Rainbow Nezuko Nail is an animated masterwork that paints your nails in the colors of the rainbow. From soft pinks to mild blues and appealing purples, it’s a spectacular journey of varieties that converts your fingertips into a fascinating painting like matte, colorful marble.

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