Nail Salon Prices Near Me (Visitors Guide) 2023

Salons and spas offer a wide range of services. Their prices depend on various factors, such as the services you choose, the quality of the services provided, the salon’s location, and the city you are in. Just to give you an idea, we have listed the average prices that salons charge.


The standard manicure includes nail cleaning, nail shaping, cuticle care, exfoliation, hand massage, moisturizing, nail polish application, drying, and finishing touches. However, many salons offer various special types of manicure options, each providing a unique experience. To give you an idea, here are some estimated prices for manicures.

Types of Manicure and their Estimate Prices
Basic Manicure$20 to $55
French Manicure$25 to $45
Russian Manicure$30 to $60
American Manicure$20 to $40
Dip Manicure$30 to $50
Acrylic Manicure$35 to $60
Shellac Manicure$25 to $45
Paraffin Manicure$30 to $50
Matte Manicure$25 to $45
Ombre French Manicure$35 to $60
Ombre American Manicure$30 to $55
Reverse French Manicure$25 to $45
Chrome Manicure$35 to $60
SNS Manicure$35 to $75

Manicure Add-on Services

There are so many add-on services that salons or spas offer in manicures. The prices for add-on services depend on the salon and the area of the city where you live. Average add-on prices are listed below. Keep in mind that these prices are just to give you an estimate.

Manicure Add-On Services
Nail Art$5 – $25+
French Tips$5 – $15+
Nail Extensions$30 – $100+
Nail Strengthener$5 – $15+
Paraffin Wax Dip$5 – $15+
Hand Massage$10 – $20+
Exfoliating Scrub$5 – $15+
Cuticle Care$5 – $10+
Gel or Shellac Polish$10 – $20+
Nail Repair$5 – $20+
Nail Mask$5 – $15+
Nail Strengthening Serum$5 – $10+
Custom Nail ShapesDepends on requirement


There are many options available for pedicures as well. The basic pedicure includes nail shaping, cuticle cleaning, foot soaking, and a regular nail polish application. It’s cost varies between $20 to $50. However, there are some other types of pedicure options available, and their average costs are listed below. Please remember that these are just estimated prices.

Types of Pedicures and their Estimate Prices
Basic Pedicure$20 to $50
French Pedicure$30 to $80
Gel Pedicure$40 to $70
Medical Pedicure$50 to $130
Luxury Pedicure$70 to $150
Express or Mini Pedicure$15 to $25
Hot Stone Pedicure$50 to $90
Fish Pedicure(Availability may vary by location)$50 and $100

Some salons offer pedicure packages that combine various treatments. Some packages are designed for special occasions. When you consider a pedicure package, make sure to inquire about what services are included, the duration of the session, and the total cost. Salons may have different package options, so you can choose one that aligns with your preferences and budget. Usually, pedicure package prices start at around $60 and can go up to $120 or more.

Pedicure Add-On Services

Pedicure add-on services are additional treatments. Some of these services can be included in the standard pedicure. These add-on services can enhance your experience and address specific needs. Here are some common pedicure add-on services and their average price.

Pedicure Add-On Services
Paraffin Wax Treatment$10 – $20
Callus Removal$5 – $15
Foot Mask$10 – $20
Extended Massage$10 – $20 (per 15 mins)
Nail Art or Nail Design$5 – $20 (per nail)
Foot Scrub$5 – $15
Aromatherapy$5 – $15 (add-on)
Nail Strengthener/Treatment$5 – $15 (add-on)
Polish Change$10 – $20
Nail Repair$3 – $15 (per nail)
Gel Polish Upgrade$10 – $20
Nail Extensions$20 – $50 (full set)
Foot Soak Enhancement$5 – $15 (add-on)
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